Saturday, December 29, 2012

Best of 2012

It's almost time for the new year!  I thought I would share a quick round-up of my most popular blog posts for 2012.  You know, just in case you missed them!
Waffles with Whipped Cream by

#5 Felt Food Waffles: Get the tutorial here.

MP3 Fabric Sling Tutorial

#4  MP3 Fabric Sling: A great crafty idea if getting on the treadmill is in your new year's resolutions!  Find the tutorial here.

Powered Sugar Donuts 

#3 Baked Donuts: This one is also one of my most popular Pinterest Boards! Here's the post.

Draft Blocker Tutorial 

#2 Fabric Draft Blocker: If you are getting Winter storms right now, you may want to check this one out!  You can find the tutorial here.

Puppet Theater 

#1 Puppet Theater Tutorial: I love this one too!  Here's the link.

So I guess you like crafty ideas the best.  I'll try to come up with plenty of them in 2013 for you. And you'll miss them if you don't start coming over to my new blog!  Gasp!  Hurry and mark my new page today!